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Let's explore the fare of the world.

Fare that is simple. Fare that is popular, plus some surprises. Fare that is delicious in many forms, so you can tweak it just the way you want. (traditional, high-spice, low-spice, vegetarian, vegan, low-salt, low-fat, etc.) Fare that you might find at a fair celebrating food diversity. Fare that is, well, fair, in the sense of widely available and more sustainable. We grow up hearing that "the world isn't fair." We can all improve that, one bite at a time. We invite you to share a meal with our larger family, and help us all find the world's fare.

Fare of the Week

Egypt: Ful Medames

National dish of Egypt. A rustic bean stew. "The rich man's breakfast, the shopkeeper's lunch, the poor man's supper" -- Clifford A. Wright, quoting a traditional Arabic saying.

More Fare

Brazil: Feijoada

The national dish of Brazil. Bean stew, traditionally with multiple meats.

India: Masala Dosas

potato-filled South Indian crepes.

Iran: Polow (Persian Rice)

Rice flavored with pistachios, dill, and saffron, and cooked with a golden crust.

(Just imagine what it looks and tastes like, while we're finding a picture.)

Israel: Falafel

(Just imagine what it looks and tastes like, while we're finding a picture.)

All's Fare

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What's fare that you've discovered?


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